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Stratford Art in the Park

“Art in the Park in Stratford, nestled among the trees along the river, welcomes a diverse audience that meander through; enjoying a feast of wonderful fine art and craft. This peaceful location is a great place to show our artwork.” – Member Artist

ART IN THE PARK (AITP) takes place in Stratford at Lakeside Drive between Front and North Streets, every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, May through September. If you are accepted as a member of AITP you are required to attend at least ten (10) full days during the season. To complete each of the required ten full days, your display must be completely set-up and fully open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. If a member fails to exhibit  the minimum  of ten (10) full days, he/she must reapply for membership in the season and must meet the standard’s of that season’s independent jurors.

On exhibition days AITP is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Art work must be original and must be signed. Original prints and photographs to be exhibited must be numbered and signed in an edition not to exceed 250. There are limits to the number of reproductions that may be shown at any one time in the show.

Please note that most categories have participant limits and from time to time may not have any open spaces at the start of a new season. For this coming (2020) season, the categories “photography” and “jewelry” are full. Therefore we are not accepting applications for this category.

Some other rules apply. You are required to read these rules as fully listed in the Rules and Regulations page. Your reading of these rules, and your compliance and acceptance of them, is acknowledged  when you apply for membership in AITP.

Jury Information 

1). a – Artists and artisans must submit 6 most recent images of their works. Please note: No MORE or LESS than six (6) images must be submitted. All works submitted for jurying must be digital photographs submitted with the AITP application form. These should be items depicting production qualities such as will be shown for “show and sale” during the regular AITP season. These items must have been created by the artist/artisan applying for membership. Images must be resized to a maximum of 1024 pixels on the longest side and saved in JPEG format (72 dpi ) compatible with both Mac and PC.

b. – On two dimensional artworks, the SIGNATURE of the artist must be covered to assure anonymity in the jurying process.

c. – The size of the object in digital image needs to be  included in the application form. In the case of a sculpture, or other three-dimensional artworks, an apple or a loonie coin next to the object provides an effective reference scale for the jury members.

d. – Poor quality photography diminishes well-crafted artwork. Include only the artwork in your photo. Avoid background distractions such as lights, other artworks, poor lighting; crop the digital image effectively for maximum quality.

2).  – Include a brief description of your technique as an artist/artisan

3).  – Include a brief biography specific to the art or craft you are hoping to sell at AITP.


Please complete the online submission package (6 digital images of your recent art work; your artist/artisan description and your art/craft biography) to AITP by the deadline for submissions, 6 PM, March 14th, 2020.


Mail the following items so they will be received on or before the 6 PM, March 14, 2020 application deadline delivery by Canada Post to the address below. Any application not received before the application deadline for any reason, will not be processed or viewed by the jury. Please note, we cannot accept e-transfers.

Art in the Park
P.O. Box 21001, Stratford Centre
Stratford, ON
N5A 7V4

4). – A nonrefundable cheque or money order payable to Art in the Park – Stratford, for $25.00 for the Jury fee.

5). – A second cheque or money order payable to Art in the Park – Stratford, for $300.00 ($165.00 membership fee plus $135.00 trader’s fee )

6). – A self addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage. In case your application to AITP is not successful, we will return your second cheque ($300.00) to you. The $25.00 jury fee is non-refundable under any condition. The Art in the Park Association maintains a reputation of having unique art and craft work which each member has created. Each member must have a personal and direct role in every aspect of the finished product.

The applicant, on signing the terms of the jurying application, therefore gives the jury committee and/or the executive permission to visit the studio of the applicant for inspection (prior to being accepted to the Association) if there is a concern that the work in the digital images submitted is of a “production” nature. Also, the elected Executive members will have the option to scrutinize your works on display throughout the season as needed.

The following kinds of work are not accepted: any work that originates from commercial patterns or kits, ceramics from commercial molds, clothing, needlework, knitting, crocheting. You may be required to collect HST. For information, visit a Revenue Canada office or their website.  The Jury consists of three qualified artists and artisans who are not members of the Art In The Park Association. All applicants will be notified of their status via email in early April, 2019.

Dear new applicants, please double check that your application has followed all requirements. Thank you.