Berna Kilic

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Berna is a largely self-taught lampwork artist and jeweller. While working in the world of finance, arts and crafts were always her oasis. All her life she collected images and objects that reflected the beauty of her surroundings. As a nature photographer she was fascinated by the beautiful and unique colours and textures found in nature. Many images are saved Berna’s hard disk to be used as inspiration at a future date.

It was when she discovered lampwork glass that she was able to realize her dream of forging the sensation of her memories into a timeless and beautiful work of art.

Berna’s work can be seen at Burlington Art Center and Silver Bridge Gallery at Bracebridge.

Turquoise Inuit Carving

Silk Road Collection Red Teardrops

Silk Road Collection Mustard Teardrops

Red And Cherry Tinkling Bell

Smokey Aquamarine Hollows