Beverley Hoyles

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Beverley A. Hoyles, Artist b 1952

Beverley’s Paintings

New Beginnings! More than Décor! Paintings to Promote Smiles!

Self Taught.

Self Representing.

Birthplace – Newfoundland and has made Stratford home for many years.

I’m an emerging artist in acrylics influenced by the movement of water, am fascinated for the universe/outer regions of space, the beauty of trees and most importantly vibrant color. Color is excitement, energy, adventure, mystery, history, discovery with a twist of calm. Color is my creative miracle. When the brush touches my hand, I find magic. The swirls, movement, richness of creamy acrylic – touches my soul – it’s magical.

My work is not singularly focused, I have moods that reflect my interpretation of nature and heavens, urban/graffiti style, conceptual abstract flow art, abstract interchangeable with brushes and pallet knives, basic children’s style, and paintings maximized with my palette knife.

I have a way to put victory, sustaining power, positivity in my life, and into another human being – through the process of painting and its artistic finish.

I have lived in more than a dozen towns and cities and the beauty of each affected my appreciation for my surroundings. Through each format I hope to preserve the uniqueness of the places, cultures, and people and express love, smiles and heart. My hope is to produce artwork that touches the senses and uplifts the spirit.

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I believe that art helps us to be free from aggression and depression.” Leonid Afremov