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Artist’s name: Cheryl-Ann Hills

A native of Kitchener Waterloo I’ve been living in Hamilton for over 23 years. I spend most of my time in my art studio expressing how I see our natural environment. I began oil painting at the age of 16 with Michael Roth; a well-known Canadian landscape painter. After high school I attended an arts program at Georgian College in Owen Sound, Ontario.Born with a curiosity about the natural world all around me I choose to express my discoveries visually using a variety of mediums. My current love affair is with oil paint. Its glorious colour and texture easily express those I find in nature. I continue to explore new mediums to develop further the textures I find in nature. My subjects often focus on the unexpected and overlooked aspects of nature. My work continues to develop and change as I work through this early chapter in my artistic career. I am excited and curious to see what will be revealed on the next canvas in my studio.

Business name: Cheryl-Ann

Cell: 289 339 4047

Address: 66 Elora Drive, Hamilton Ontario


Instagram: @cherylannhillsartist