Danuta Tydor

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Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from Architectural Technology College in Poland and have worked full time in art related fields ever since.

In addition to creating my current acrylic paintings, I am also designing collages.  With implementation of mixed media such as paint, textile, drawings, paper, personal photos and magazine clippings, I am able to create a magical world of whimsy with endless possibilities in theme and technique.

My interest involves social human nature, expressed with slight humour and occasional sarcasm.

Utilizing spontaneous ideas in execution of the collages is surprisingly satisfying, providing me with renewed creative energy, allowing me to express myself freely.

For any questions or information regarding my other work, please go to the website link provided.

To the Light – 16 x 20” Paint, Paper Collage, on wood Panel

“Coded Beauty” – 12 x 12” Paper Collage, on Canvas

“Memoirs of Landscape” – 24 x 48 “, Acrylic Painted Paper Collage, on Canvas

“Awaiting Spring” – 24 x 30” Acrylic on Canvas

“Tangled in the Season” – 30 40” Acrylic on Canvas