Hank Bos

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Painting a realist’s interpretation of the world has been a vital aspect of my creative expression for most of my artistic life. For the greater portion of that time my preferred medium has been watercolour on paper. Today most of my work is the result of invigorating explorations with a variety of media including oils, alkyds, and acrylics on canvas, panels, or on multi-media paper prepared with gesso. Many of my current paintings reflect my growing interest in abstraction. I hope these paintings effectively communicate my belief that we live in a spirit-filled world. Ours is a world of astounding beauty too often taken for granted.

I find painting to be an introspective exercise, and so it is a privilege and an honour when someone purchases or receives one of my works. I am delighted and thoroughly gratified when a common understanding is found.

blue shelter
acrylic and paper on panel 25×31

bridge on blue
acrylic and mixed media on paper on panel 21.5×49

oil and alkyd on canvas – diptych 18.5×40.5

red rake
acrylic and paper on panel 21.5×21.5

acrylic and paper on panel – triptych 22.5×41.5