John Gardner

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Welcome! Located in Southern Ontario – his studio in London, Ontario. John is a self-taught artist developing his unique style over the past 35 years. His love of form and colour began as a child living in the Maritime Provinces and continues. John is a graduate of McGill University and of the University of Guelph. Colour and passion for the landscape provide the inspiration for the work you see today.

Georgian-Bay Inlet Late Afternoon- 11×14 plein air oil

Days End 30×40 studio acrylic

Early spring welcome 30x40x2 plein air oil

Feathers in a winter sun 30×30 studio acrylic

Hydrangea Floral 36×36 studio acrylic

Killarney landscape with Otter pond 16×20 plein air oil

Killarney rock George Lake 20×16 plein air

Late September landscape 40×36 x2 studio acrylic

Late Summer Landscape 22×28 plein air oil

Medway-pool-in-winter-30×30 plein air oil

Muskoka Backwater in July 20×24 plein air oil

Summer Landscape with pickeral weed and waterlilly 12×16 plein air oil

Summer Moonlight over High Lake 12×12 plein air oil

White pine in winter 12×16 plein air oil