Margarethe Vanderpas

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I draw my inspiration from many sources; the waters and limestone cliffs of the Bruce Peninsula and the shorelines of Lake Superior and Georgian Bay. I am fascinated by the powerful forces that have shaped the landscape and the effects that time and weather have had upon the earths’ surface. Water in particular has fascinated me since childhood. I delight in the discovery of rhythmic patterns created by light as it passes through water, by the ripples on its surface and how it transforms and distorts what lies beneath. These patterns inspire me not just for their beauty, but because they suggest an underlying natural order.

Inspired as a child by the works of such masters as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, Dutch-born artist Margarethe Vanderpas gives a passionate portrayal of the raw natural beauty of northern Ontario’s landscapes and waterscapes.
Professionally trained through her studies in Fine Art at the University of Western Ontario and Queen’s University, Margarethe obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in Art History, and subsequently a Bachelor of Education degree. She taught Fine Art and Mathematics for several years before transitioning careers. She currently resides in Lion’s Head, Ontario.
Each year Margarethe explores new regions in northern Ontario on foot and by kayak, aiming to capture the waters and unique worn, weathered rock formations of the Canadian Shield. In recent years she has been spending more time on the Bruce Peninsula, exploring and painting its pristine waters and rugged coastline.
Margarethe has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibits and her work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.
Margarethe is a Signature Member of the Artists For Conservation (AFC). The AFC is a non-profit invitational group of nature artists from around the world. As a Group, they work collectively to promote the conservation of our natural heritage.