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OTTOMN – Comprised of Dominic Wale and Julie Knox.  Partners in all things.  Dominic is the sales behind my creativity.  I began learning about upholstery and fabrics after becoming unable to find funky ottomans in the marketplace.  After graduating from the upholstery program at Mohawk, I enrolled in the Interior Decorating program at Conestoga College.

Dominic worked in the manufacturing sector for over 25 years, often having to deal with long commutes.  With our children now at an age where we can dedicate the time required, we realized it was now or never.

We’re enjoying this new chapter in our lives…creating our ottoman empire!

Upholstered ottomans and benches have always been a favourite of mine due to their versatility.  They are more than just for putting your feet on.  They can also be used as a coffee table, in an entryway of a home, for use at the end of a bed or for additional seating.  They are a timeless classic.

I love to work with natural fabrics such as linens, velvets, wools and leather – layering different tones and textures in neutral colours.

We are committed to creating beautiful and sustainable pieces of furniture.   We love what we do and hope you can see the passion in the product!