Rules & Regulations

1. Requirements

Members are required to:

a) Be a permanent Canadian resident

b) Carry a business registration number if required by law to do so

c) Pay designated fees:

  • Membership to the AITP Association
  • City of Stratford Trader’s Fee
  • Fees are paid to the Treasurer by September 30th
  • Late fees result in a cancelled membership

d) Read and sign off on the Rules & Regulations of the AITP Association:

  • Before their first exhibition, all members must acknowledge they have read the rules by signing a form and submitting this to the Treasurer (or an executive member).

e) Personally show your own original work as per the category applied to:

  • Members are allowed to apply for showing in TWO categories. This will require payment of ONE Trader’s Fee and TWO membership fees (to reflect your two categories).
  • The categories are: Painting/Printmaking, Photography, Wood, Clay, Carving/Sculpture/Collage, Glass, Leather/Fabric, Jewellery, Digital Art (no AI)
  • Members showing work from another category not applied for will be asked to remove that work from their display.

f) Attend a minimum of 10 full days:

  • Members must get an attendance card signed by a member of the Executive for these 10 days.
  • Signed 10-day cards can be submitted in person or by photo to the Treasurer before the end of the season.
  • Failure to complete 10 full days forfeits your membership and you must re-apply.
  • AITP DATES: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. The May long weekend until the end of September, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • To assist in creating the best show possible for your fellow vendors and for visitors, we encourage all members to stay for the full day, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

g) Demonstrate, if possible, your medium at your display. Otherwise, be prepared to explain your technique.

h) Supply appropriate images, bio and contact information for the website and social media channels.

  • 3 – 6 jpegs (properly sized and formatted) accompanied by an explanation of your work
  • Members can contact the Website Coordinator for details or assistance
  • If you do not supply new information, content from your application will be used

i) Bring concerns, issues or complaints to the attention of the Executive

  • To properly lodge a complaint, please submit in written form to the Executive. Such complaints should be signed and dated.

2. Activities Not Permitted:

a) Keeping pets or any companion animal at the site of Art in the Park. The only exception to this rule is service animals while working.
b) Advertising shops or galleries at your display.
c) Using park benches, picnic tables or trees for your exhibit
d) Using canopies or shelters. Shade umbrellas are permitted.
e) Demeaning the work of other exhibitors to the public or other members
f) Displaying “sale” or “end of season” signs at their exhibit
g) Claiming to another member that you have a designated exhibit space. All space is first-come, first-choice. (See Display Areas)

3. Work Not Allowed:

a) Work deemed unacceptable to the City of Stratford

  • Through continued verbal agreement with the City, we agree not to sell clothing, t-shirts, touristy items and trinkets.

b) Work that originates from commercial patterns or kits
c) Ceramics from commercial molds
d) Photographic work not individually photographed by the exhibiting artist

4. Reproductions:

Reproductions of an artist’s own original work may be shown with the following limits:

a) The number of reproductions must not exceed 15% of the total number of original works on display at any time during the showing day. For example, if an artist has 20 original works on display, three commercial reproductions may be shown.
b) All reproductions must be signed and numbered
c) Photographers must make prints from their original negatives, positives, or digital images. All photographs must be signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition, not to exceed 250.
d) Art cards may be shown if the artist also shows at least 10 original works.

5. Display Areas:

The site of Art in the Park is defined as the west curb of Front St. to the east curb of North St., the south curb of Lakeside Dr. to the north wall of the condominium complex.

a) An individual display area is chosen on a first-come, first-choice basis.
b) Those who wish to claim a space must CLEARLY indicate that intention by placing a table, chair(s), easel(s) on that space. If it is not marked in this way, the space is open to any other exhibitor. Your parked car is not an indication of a claimed space.
c) Each exhibitor must confine their own area to a reasonable size and respect the space of other exhibitors as well as ensure that the traffic flow is not interrupted.
d) Saving spaces for members who have not arrived is not allowed.

6. Accident, Damage, Liability:

a) Damage to display items caused either by accident or weather is the responsibility of the member.
b) Liability insurance is carried by the Association to cover accidents to the public caused by an exhibitor who is complying with the rules, or by their exhibit.
c) Any member with a display deemed to be potentially unsafe will be required to adjust the issue or remove the display.

7. Unloading, Loading and Parking:

Regulations are imposed by City By-Law and strictly enforced by the Association and by City police. Non-compliance will result in the forfeit of your membership.

In no-parking areas:

  • Unload and load, with flashers on, as quickly as possible
  • Set up your display AFTER your vehicle is legally parked and tear down BEFORE bringing in your vehicle.
  • Parking and unloading in the condominium lot is prohibited
  • Driving and parking on the grass is prohibited

8. The Association Rules:

Rules have been made by the members of the Association and by the City of Stratford. The Executive Committee is charged with ensuring we all adhere to the rules and reserve the right to:

a) Limit total membership to the Association.
b) Limit the number of artists in each category.
c) Suspend membership, with forfeiture of fees paid, for a member who, after TWO written warnings, continues to go against the rules.
d) Any proposed changes to the Rules and Regulations and overall structure of Art in the Park need to be presented in writing with a signature to the Executive no less than 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
e) Executive members wishing to resign their position should give 30 days written notice prior to the Annual General Meeting.

9. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a) All members showing on the day of the AGM are required to attend the meeting. By not attending you will forfeit your membership.
b) Proxy votes for the AGM are not allowed.
c) Subjects raised at the AGM, and not noted in the Agenda, will be discussed and voted on by the members present at the AGM.

If you need any clarification of these Rules and Regulations, please contact one of the Executive members.

2023/24 Executive

President: Paula Whitlock

Vice-President: Lynne Huras

Treasurer: Susan Llewellyn

Secretary: Judy Palmer

Advertising & Juror Coordinator: Bev Hewitt

Social Media Contact: Dustin Shean

Website Contact: Carla Coles