My path as an artist has been influenced by different careers, personal study and travel. Inspired by Nature’s impermanence as well as her resiliency, my art depicts the spiral of how we live and grow in a constant flux of revisiting, revising and renewing ourselves. Like trees, we build on these layers as cycles in our individual growth, making us taller, fuller and wiser.

Using acrylics and molding paste, I layer my scenes the way static motion captures a moment. Either looking out to the horizon from a moving car, or crawling deep into the crevices that bind a rock garden, I reach for light and play with an open space in mind. Mesmerized by big skies and various cloud formations, I blend a foreground with a palette knife and praise texture with repetition and value.

Based in Toronto with roots in Tobermory, Ontario, I am an award-winning visual artist recognized by the Canada Arts Council, exhibiting works in Ontario, British Columbia and California. I have an honours English Literature degree from the University of Guelph, a Diploma of Education from Newcastle University, Australia and Special Education qualifications from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.