Nature offers a splendid complexity of ever-changing forms, shapes and patterns. For thousands of years ancient cultures fostered intimate connections with the natural world to bring peace, zest and joy into their lives. Current modernized culture has almost vanquished that precious bond we share with nature. As a freelance artist I aim to bring back what was lost by reconnecting the modern world with the vibrant ancient cultures and the true beauty of nature. Felting is the oldest organic and nature-friendly textile crafting method. I found it to be the most exciting and flexible artistic medium with truly endless possibilities. All my works are infused with love and genuine admiration of the forgotten cultural folklore ranging from Neolithic to Iron Age and beyond. After all, humans are part of the natural tapestry of life. My art works: accessories and home decorations are meant to create the comforting and profound feel of the connection with our ancestors through intricate patterns and symbolism, while also providing people with warmth of natural wool to make beautiful Canadian winters more enjoyable. I hope the new owners of my art take as much pleasure in my creations as I had in making them.

2013- Present Freelance Felting/ Mixed fiber Artist, Stratford, Ontario
2016-2022 Member of South Simcoe Art Council, Everett, Ontario

2014 Workshops for teenagers of SAL (Supervised Alternative Learning) program of TDSB, Toronto
2015 Workshops for kids in Church Camp at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Church, Toronto

2016 Winner of Super Wonder Fashion War 3, Toronto, Ontario