Bev was born in Chester in the U.K., the son of an architect. He served in the British Army as a Telecommunications Technician in the U.K., Germany and Cyprus. He also worked many years in Saudi Arabia where he met his wife, a Stratfordite, and so Stratford naturally became their place for retirement.

“It’s my wife’s fault!“. That’s Bev’s comical response to the question, “What got you interested in stained glass?”. Several decades ago, here in Canada, in London Ontario, Bev suddenly found himself out of work. “Why don’t you find a hobby?”, his wife said. “Like what?!”. “How about stained glass?”, she replied. Bev took evening classes, one night a week, for eight weeks and he was hooked. The first piece had just 16 pieces of glass in it. From that point on, it was a succession of learning points.

Now, Bev has a thriving business with stained glass commissions covering many styles within the art form. From traditional leaded windows, to abstract, landscapes, nature subjects and so on. His work also includes the construction of lampshades, and repair and restoration work. He also teaches beginners classes, for a limited group, in a controlled environment. As per the motto on his website, quote: “I love a challenge.”