“If you sought a single word to describe a scientist, you’d be hard pressed to settle on one. But the same can’t be said about finding one for an artist. As an illustrator, Art Director, Portrait Artist, and teacher of art for over 30 years, I’ve lived with the ebb and flow of that state within myself, my colleagues and students. ‘Creativity’ is that word! I’ve seen it expressed in amazing ways through many people.

Biserka Mladjenovic Bibi is a student of mine and she is a fine example of the creative spirit in action. Her skills in the classic notion of what it means to be an artist are impressive enough. As they say, her work speaks for itself.

Not only does Biserka Mladjenovic Bibi bring out-of-the-box thinking and a creative spirit to her drawings and paintings, but she brings it to her cooking, baking, doll making and practically anything else she lends her mind and hands towards. Truly a remarkable and creative artist!”

Robert Isler Wanka