Like most artists, I have been creating since I can remember. The medium always changed, but the instinct did not. Eventually this creativity combined with some Eastern European practicality and I became a designer, first interiors, then graphics. The more digital my day job became, the more I craved the analogue. I missed paper, I missed holding a pen, I missed being away from the screen. When I finally decided to start making art, it took me a few years to loosen into it. I found watercolour and fell in love with its reactions on paper, the depth it created. I tested over 100 patterns with pen before I found the right one. My own language of abstraction has since slowly emerged. It’s made up a little bit of landscape, a little bit of emotion, some meditation and sometimes the memory of my great-grandmother’s weaving.

For me, this work is my voice, it is my freedom, it is my internal landscape expressed. It has also, rather surprisingly, become a way of connecting with people that goes beyond the spoken word.

I currently live with my husband and beagle in Sebringville, just outside of Stratford, Ontario and spend most of my free time slowly renovating our very old house.