Since graduating from the first Jewellery and Metals class at Georgian College in Barrie 30 years ago I have worked full time as a studio designer and goldsmith. In the summer of 2013 I relocated my home and studio from Alliston to Stratford, in some ways bringing me back full circle to my original career as a professional stage manager. My current practice includes one-of-a kind work, custom design, limited edition and production and is exhibited through juried competitions and shows, craft galleries throughout Ontario, my website and my own studio.

My work tends to be material and process driven, rather than conceptual and is best known for extensive stone work and asymmetrical designs. While pieces sometimes pursue a particular theme, on the whole they are not representational or conceptual but meant to evoke an emotional response that is frequently inarticulate. I love to play with unexpected combinations of shapes, colours and materials.
A piece of jewellery acquires meaning over time as it develops associations with the stories of our lives and these acquired meanings are as important for me as the artist’s original concepts. The functionality of the work is also critical and as such, the user is always present in the making.

I believe there is still a place for beautiful, well-made objects and that these objects enrich our lives.