Born 1961

Growing up surrounded by the arts culture in Stratford, Brenda always idealized an artist life. There hasn’t been a time when she hasn’t had something creative on the go; drawing, fabric art, making hats, compilation jewelry, carving, even dancing fashion shows.   A multi-disciplinary artist, Brenda is mostly self-taught studying painting under Lisa Gerber and Vicki Merrigan Schofield.

In 2009 she developed Environmental Illness, an isolating and restrictive illness.  She tried to find something meaningful to fill long hours at home.  In 2016 she discovered the world of watercolour, and it has become her passion.  She was just beginning to show her work when the pandemic hit.

Her current subject matter is often Stratford related. She has pieces pertaining to the plays you will see here, scenes from local parks, urban architecture, portraiture, and still life.  Dogs are also a recurring theme.  Expressing both humour and darker subjects Brenda hopes her art will speak to you in some way.

She can’t wait to show you what she’s been working on.