Carla Coles is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist, poet, screenwriter, entrepreneur and woman-about-town living and working in Stratford, ON. She admits to being a little in love with the city..

Her paintings are abstracted backgrounds with a main focal inspired by nature that leans towards whimsical. She is a multimedia artist but loves the bold colours and flexibility of acrylic paint spending weeks perfecting the chaotic backgrounds using many varying techniques from sprays and splatters to adding and removing objects to create voids in the space. Thinning and thickening the paint with different mediums until it all comes together. Her passion is working in large format but also enjoys the intimacy of smaller pieces. Her work reveals the truths in her own life from anxious little bunnies calm against high energy backgrounds. Often blurry around the edges and sharp focus on the eyes and mouth, which might hint at what she gives her attention to communicate. As she suffers from hearing loss and uses eye contact and lip reading to make out conversations.

She currently has a small studio in her apartment nestled above the trees close to the nature paths and the river. A short walk from downtown.

Carla’s work has been featured in magazines, online publications, and as part of local events, one of her paintings has even been adapted to a vinyl covering for downtown electrical box as part of a beautification project. Carla has helped restore two local murals and has done commissions for both businesses and social clubs. She has been a proud member of Stratford’s Art in the Park for several years and sells internationally.

Carla paints things and writes things and hangs out in cafés.
She has a tendency towards mischief and a fondness for pudding.