My name is Carmen Wong. I live in Brampton, Ontario. I have had a passion for art from a young age. In fact, my first dream, as a five-year-old, was to go to Paris and become an artist! Art has always played a central role in my life. Many people, including my friends
and loved ones, have tried to dissuade me from pursuing this aspiration. But despite the challenges, I’m driven by a burning desire to pursue my passion for art. It is my sacred calling, an integral part of who I am, and a source of immense joy in my life.

After the Covid pandemic hit, I had some spare time to pursue my dream. In the summer of 2020, I enrolled at Palette Art School (Concord, Ontario) with Russian instructor and artist Oleg Danilyants. From 2020 to the present, I have been privileged to study under Oleg’s guidance. At Palette Art School, I acquired a proficiency in the use of various artistic mediums, including pencils, acrylics, oils, and watercolours. I subsequently enrolled in an intensive one-on-one online course with the founder of Drawing Art Academy, Russian painter Vladimir London. For almost half a decade, I have received an in-depth education in the classical arts from Oleg and Vladimir.

I advocate for constructive drawing (which emphasizes the use of geometric shapes and lines to create artwork) and realism. I consider myself to be at the beginning of my journey. My artistic output encompasses still-life paintings that depict the realism of everyday
objects, as well as landscapes and portraits. I’m particularly interested in exploring the effects of different lighting and the relationships between different colours.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.