Charlene is a self-taught abstract landscape artist. Growing up in Kingsville, Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie, Charlene was surrounded by rural farmland, natural wooded areas and the ever-changing water. Those elements can be found repeatedly in her work.

Using primarily a pallet knife and other unconventional tools (her favourite being a car squeegee) Charlene adds texture and colour to the canvas, building layers and depth. The process is experimental and intuitive at the same time. There are no rules when she is painting and finds her best pieces reveal themselves when she is caught up in the moment and mood of the painting.

“I like to suggest the subject of the piece but leave room for the individual to develop their own story and emotion in the work; invite them to come a little closer and discover the bits and pieces of the many layers and textures. Ultimately, my goal is to create visual experiences that resonate on an emotional level encouraging viewers to pause, reflect and dream.”

Charlene is an active member of the London Community Artists, participating in initiatives with Western Research Centre, London Health Science Centre and CherryHill Mall as well as the annual LCA Art Show and Sale. Charlene has shown her work in local and surrounding galleries and most recently has been accepted to Paint Ontario in Grand Bend, Ontario and Art Comp in London, Ontario.