Christopher Cape (b.1976) is a painter working and living among the Great Lakes of Canada. His studio is located along the Speed River in historic downtown Guelph. Immersing himself in the surrounding cities, counties and lakefronts his paintings speak to the special magic and light that is found where least expected. Working on location he brings canvas, big or small, into the field to keep in direct connection with his subject. Standing on the foundation of the Group of Seven he seeks to capture the wildness and spirit of his environment. Painting en plein air Christopher creates a gesture of the scene that is loose and full of life. Documenting a changing world with bold brush strokes and vibrant colours he seeks to emulate the energy of the surrounding landscape. Using whatever media necessary to emulate the essence of a scene he moves beyond classical mark making. His fresh approach is meant to activate in the viewer the same feelings that he experienced while in the field. Trained at the world renowned Sheridan College Christopher has bolstered his artistic knowledge with a recently completed mentorship under master artist Jay Moore. His work can be found in private collections and galleries throughout Canada.