As an artist I work on multiple media with a focus on digital collage. My art process involves editing, warping, distorting and digitally painting on photos to create still and moving images. The photos that form the basis of my work originate from both shots I have taken and other images that I have sought to fulfill a specific goal or objective in my work. I am most often drawn to images of people as I find relationships and connections between people very powerful. I like to see those connections portrayed in different ways.

In addition to digital media, I like to work with oil and acrylic paints. For some pieces I print my digital work on canvas and then paint to add layers and textures to the work. I like to experiment to see how I can further develop the medium/process I am using in ways that that I haven’t seen or done before.

My work has been exhibited in both group and solo exhibits, including an international digital art exhibition in Times Square, New York in May 2023. In September 2024, I will begin my Bachelor of Fine Arts studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.