Dorota is an artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an animal & nature lover, and an avid reader & learner.

She has always had a “soulful” streak, passionately learning about different spiritual practices & traditions of the world, sacred plants and spirit animals. Dorota participated in many ceremonies & circles, and fell in love with drums, drumming and vibrational mindfulness. She has always had an interest in human psyche, the workings of our brain and our “shadow self”.

Dorota discovered painting rather later in life. In 2015, she bought an art kit as a gift for someone and ended up using it herself. Paintings emerged, people started responding to her art and her first commissions began.

She finds ideas for her art in dreams, meditations andduring quiet moments. Some of her favourite themes include mandalas, feathers, animals, night skies & galaxies, symbols from ancient cultures and mythical creatures. Dorota also paints hand-held drums due to her love of sound and vibrational mindfulness.

Dorota paints with acrylics on stretched canvas, wood, bamboo panels and drums. She also added her art to a wooden flute and many of her mandalas adorn jean jackets, mugs, water bottles, tote bags, purses and even shoes. She has also published 2 decks of meditation/mindfulness cards and an accompanying journal/workbook.

She uses underpainting and glazing, dry brushing and dotting. She paints with soft body and fluid acrylics, metallic and iridescent paints, as well as different gel mediums. Her paintings come smudged, signed at the back and have 7 mini-stones/crystals attached to the back frame.