At the beginning of the pandemic, I started making wood furniture for myself, family and friends. I began working out of my grandma’s garage using my grandfather’s old woodworking tools and machines. This newfound hobby quickly developed into a passion for woodworking. I now work out of a large shop and couldn’t be happier doing what I love day in and day out.

I handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art using Canadian-sourced lumber. A lot of my pieces use epoxy resin which adds character, colour and design to my creations. Traditionally, woodworkers dispose of the areas of wood which have knots, cracks and voids. By using epoxy resin, I am able to reduce wood waste and highlight these imperfections in the wood in a very unique and beautiful way.

I make a wide variety of products, including drink coasters, charcuterie boards, tables, desks and other custom wood furniture. Many of these pieces come in contact with food, which is why I only use food safe and eco-friendly oils and waxes to finish all my work. These details ensure each piece can be enjoyed for generations. I am beyond excited to share my creations and I hope my work is enjoyed as much as I enjoy bringing it to life!