As a watercolour artist I have created many commissioned house portraits. This continues to be a rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my artistic work. These representational originals are generally created “plein air”. I truly value the information I receive and the connections I make with the home’s owner while drawing, composing, and painting our shared vision.

I paint mostly in oils and acrylics when constructing my non-representational/abstract responses to the emotions, experiences and places I encounter. I greatly admire the energetic and courageous work done by the mid 20th century abstract expressionist painters and their legacy inspires me toward artistic introspection and connection beyond what I see. My studio explorations with texture/brush strokes, colours, shapes and lines, canvas construction, and thoughtful developmental stages are energizing to me. As Paul Cezanne said: “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” I am deeply gratified when viewers find an emotional connection with my abstract work.

Hank Bos