While women have been carrying bags for centuries, they began using purses in the late eighteen century in France. Once purses and handbags came into fashion, so did beaded handbags and the art of crafting them by hand. Women made beaded handbags up through the 1930s, and at first the intricate designs were meant to show off to possible suitors. There were a couple of ways to create a beaded purses which included sewing beads onto mesh, knitting, or crocheting the bags. Most beaded bags are composed of tiny glass or metal beads. In The Roaring Twenties beaded purses hit their height in popularity and during this period styles varied greatly. Some were newer designs including Art Deco, floral, geometric or abstract, while others used older reticule or Art Nouveau patterns. The beaded bags were created in a variety of colours and shapes. Many also had the signature beaded fringe that the Nineteen Twenties were so well known for. Overall purses became more practical in the Thirties due to the Great Depression, but beaded handbags were still popular particularly for evening wear. Art Deco patterns continue to be popular. Similar to the 1930s, beaded handbags are popular evening bags, especially small beaded clutches.

At Whimsy Bags we take great care in creating these bags. Over the years this artistic outlet has brought us great joy. Down at Art in the Park we love to share our beautiful creations with our customers.

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