We strive to be a sustainable business. Over the past 2 decades more and more we have managed to secure our raw materials in a somewhat unique way. We search out top quality leather and fabric from around the world that is post-industrial. We gather sample hides and surplus first grade leather and fabrics from some of the world’s most reputable tanneries, those who are also green minded, mostly European based.

In a way we work backwards as we source high end raw materials then decide what we can create from these ever changing discoveries. The cattle industry is not a very earth friendly endeavor. To make our footprint on the planet a little bit lighter we choose to work in a more sustainable way. We now generate no new demands on traditional production facilities for the building blocks of our products. We are also able to procure top quality commercial grade upholstery fabric in the same manner as we source our leather. We repurpose and utilize what is already out there. As long as our standards remain high our products will speak for themselves with functionality, durability and attention to detail all for a very fair price due to our sourcing abilities developed slowly over time.