These works are inspired by feelings, visions and experiences by allowing them to speak through paint. The colours move and mix as they will, expressive, with unique movement and layers deep.

Working in architecture, I was taught to believe everything should follow rules and be precise. For over 15 years, any time I would start a piece of art, it would end in criticism that something was out of line. It wasn’t “perfect” so I would stop. This idea of perfection has been following me through life, especially in regard to women’s beauty standards and what that means to me. I moved through depression and anxiety for many years never believing I could truly be myself and be accepted. It wasn’t until 2017 that my heart blew wide open, I was finally able to express myself through colour, texture, pouring paint, throwing paint, splattering brushes, and even smearing with my hands. Getting deeply physical allowed the work to channel stories, emotions and experiences I could never put to words.

My work is infused with Energy healing. The Layers alchemize any negativity to create a uplifting immersive experience. I want to show others that they can transmute pain and difficult experiences into something beautiful and potent.