A natural childhood talent has directed, London born, Kelly Finkenzeller’s artistic path. Graduating from both Vocational Art and Fashion Art from H.B. Beal Secondary School, London, and attending The University of Western Ontario, lead to eleven years of full time graphic art design experience in the local screen print display field. First with  Cameron Cap and Cresting, working from designed concepts to wearable promotional art, to Stewart Bender as point of purchase advertising designer, followed by Port O Prints as a digital illustrator for publications such as The U.W.O Alumni Gazzette, ending with, Madison Display as illustrator and screen print prepper of seasonal shopping mall displays spread across Canada.

In 1992, Kelly shifted her attention from graphics to fine art oil painting and exhibiting. An appreciation of nature and a passion for gardens have inspired Kelly’s realistically detailed original oil paintings, together with hand-made golden wood frames to complete the always entirely original gallery quality works of art.

Kelly’s paintings were shown locally at Sandy Snelgroves Gallery and the London Regional Art Gallery, though personalized showings are preferred with numerous outdoor group shows from Springbank’s Art in the Park to Stratford’s Art in the Park, as well as shows in Windsor, the Niagara-on-the Lake region at wineries, Grimsby and Thorold.

After a ten year hiatus caring for her parents with immense gratitude, Kelly and her husband Rolf, travelled the world only to discover how beautiful their Ontario home really is. Since Canada’s 150 Celebration, showcasing this regions unique landscape, inspired by photos of their outdoor adventures, have become the fresh new focus.

Kelly’s free painting style is representational with her impressionistic, abstract flare in every stroke of vibrant colour and bold contrasts of light and shadows that lift off the canvas creating sculpted, almost three dimensional landscapes that are alive with changing moods as the sun passes.