Leah’s paintings flow, full of bright colours and eccentrically depicted wildlife. Having lived in Kitchener for over a decade, she is inspired by all she sees on nature walks through the Southern Ontario landscape in all seasons. 
Her interest in art began when she was in elementary school in Surrey, B.C. Back then, Leah would copy diagrams of animals found in National Geographic and library books in hopes of one day becoming a zoologist. Her art skills, recognized early on by teachers and parents, continued to bloom through High School, and she was encouraged to attend art school. 
Leah is currently an upper-year Studio Practice undergrad at the University of Waterloo with a keen interest in painting. She often finds unorthodox surfaces to paint on, from live-edge wood to antique cheeseboards. Leah loves to work in all sizes, from mural to miniature. She’s a “try everything” sort of artist.
Because the world is a crazy place, Leah infuses most of her work with light and hope. Many of her paintings are inspired by bible scripture, philosophy, legend, and myth, all boiled down to whimsical allegory and curious landscapes fit to brighten anyone’s home. Her paintings have been sold in Canada and the United States. To Leah, the natural world is precious and has something to say. The rich and destitute alike have stood in the vaulted cathedral-like ceiling of an emerald forest or have felt insignificant beside a sleeping mountain. Upon visiting her Instagram, you may meet a deer with gem antlers or spot a bird soaring through a stained-glass sky…