Lynne, a graduate the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, has painted landscapes from coast to coast in Canada.

As a landscape artist, Lynne begins each new painting with a walk and a discovery. Before getting to the canvas, a few sketches are created on site, and a few more at the studio. Lynne typically builds her own canvases allowing a more personal start to the painting process. She often uses raw canvas, though hard on brushes it gives the painting texture and grip. The painting process involves a lot of direct mixing on the canvas. The undercoat is always Red Oxide, and her palette usually includes Raw Umber, Raw Sienna and Anthroquinone Blue, creating very earthy hues.

Lynne has exhibited in various Canadian cities and was awarded a public art installation in Banff. Her work has been on stages for orchestral performances, accompanied theatrical productions, and illustrated children’s tales. She has pieces in private collections across Canada, in Mexico, the US, Great Britain, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Lynne credits her love of trees to growing up in Stratford, ON and having Queen’s Park as her playground.