During my primary and senior school years, at Huron Perth County, all my teachers have said that I was good in art.  I completely ignored this ‘small-town’ comment and pursued other interests in Toronto.

Then in 2019, a friend invited me to the Toronto Academy of Realist Art open house.  I was in awe with the quality of fine art pieces that were completed by the students!  My husband, out of the blue, said that he could see me as an artist.  So weird that my husband had the same comment as my school teachers long ago.  I could not ignore the artist in me this time!

So immediately, in my free time, I customized my art journey.  I attended weekly art classes at the Pallette Art School and learned to draw and paint with charcoal, graphite, soft pastels, water colours, acrylics, and oils.  I attended workshops at the Academy of Realist Art and learned portraiture, figurative drawing, oil painting studies of old masters like Caravaggio, William Bouguereau, and Zorn.  I took online classes for impressionism and abstract art.

This journey revealed that l like oil painting and realism.  My technique involves going through the phases of oil painting:  drawing, blocking, building form, and sometimes glazing.  Each layer of oil paint takes five to seven days to dry.  There are five to ten layers per painting. 

Starting 2023, I am an emerging realist artist.  My paintings reflect moments from my life and I look forward to sharing my pieces and stories with you at the Art in the Park Stratford.