Marijo Swick is a London artist who makes interesting, and unique art from discarded bits that others have lost value in, work that makes people think about things in a new or different way. She experiments with mixed media, incorporating many layers into her work, using acrylic, coloured pencil, ink, pastel, rice paper, found objects, electronic components, traditional and digital drawings, and text, and even researching genetic sequences where appropriate to incorporate them as well into the work.

Lately, experimenting with translating ideas into steampunk aesthetics, her artwork is a reflection of her fascination with the intersection of science, ethics, and spirituality, which are woven into the work in various ways, from mechanical structures to genetic sequences and code snippets that she incorporates into her painting. The result is a unique thought-provoking body of work, drawing the viewer in with its imaginative themes and captivating details.

She has exhibited across Ontario, British Columbia, and the U.S., including being selected to exhibit in Chicago at Woman Made Gallery’s “Roe 2.0” Exhibition, as well as the Kellogg International Exhibition, where she was selected by the curation panel as part of the top 10 finalists. In 2007 she created a painting for The Centre of Applied Genomics in Toronto and in 2011 a painting commissioned by the City of London for the International Epigenetics Conference “EpigeneticsEh!”.