Paige Torosantucci (b. 2001) is an emerging painter and illustrator based in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Her work explores different notions of personality and mental health through surrealistic portrait painting as well as character and scenery design for children’s literature. Her main medium is acrylic paint, but she uses various mediums when working on children’s literature illustration including paper construction, pencil crayons and ink drawings.

Paige is currently completing her BFA, studying drawing and painting at OCAD, and planning to complete an MFA in the future. Paige wants to create work that can connect with all viewers, building a safe environment that anyone in any community can use as an escape from what is happening in the world around them. Through various forms of work, Paige allows her viewers to share her artistic output from her struggles, in hopes that it can cause viewers to stop and take a break from the chaos that may surround them.