A creative and spiritual feeling overwhelms me when l am surrounded by the beauty of nature and life. I am always inspired everyday treasures that lay on the soil “MOTHER NATURE “ leaves and flowers.

Collecting a variety of sizes, colours, shapes and texture of leaves is the start of my blank canvas. Practice, patience and trying different method and materials are used to protect the fallen leaves and dry flowers. Each original leaf and flower composition is sketched out before being transferred onto acid free paper. Using different instruments and techniques when applying my watercolours and pastels has proven rewarding particularly when volume and depth are enhanced by continuous blending and layering. I mostly use watercolour for the background and pastels for the finished picture.

Leaves are washed, dried, pressed and others are boiled in washing soda to create skeleton ones. Takes many tries. They are then positioned in pattern form on the painting.

When using dry hydrangea flowers I will paint each petal then coat it with a finish product.
I am deeply touched by the beauty of our environment.
I also do pet portraits, birds and other nature callings.
As I move forward I hope to express my vision and inner thoughts through my unique and evolving style.