My name is Rachelle Ryan-Dietert. I am 51 years old, with two adult children, an awesome husband of 31 years and a sweet little calico we call Kora. I’ve lived in Stratford for 29 years, originally born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario

I have been pencil drawing since I was a pre-teen, with minor dabbling in acrylic painting. I always wanted to become more skilled at painting, but was often reluctant to try that medium, fearing making mistakes and not knowing how to ‘fix’ them. A sense of self-restraint seemed to block my creativity, or even a willingness to try when it came to traditional painting with a brush on canvas propped up on an easel. A few years ago, the universe opened up for me and showed me the most beautiful style of painting I had ever heard of before! Fluid Art quickly became a passion for me, providing the most stunning outcomes I had ever seen. I learned as much as I could and began voraciously practicing daily. I was consumed with learning, implementing and creating.

I begin with acrylic paint, which I thin down with a variety of different mediums. I blend the paints through various ways to achieve beautiful effects. I use the elements of fire, water, gravity, wind and movement to achieve the effects and composition I am looking for. On some pieces I will add hand embellishments using a paint brush, or other items or applications to enhance my original pour. I finish each piece with a topcoat, varnish, or resin. The end result is like a dream, or some kind of alien ethereal landscape, that is both beautiful and mystifying.

I continue to be mesmerized by the endless possibilities of liquid art, and I plan on continuing to learn, practice and produce beautiful pieces of Fluid Art.