I have always created, that is what I love best, it is my motivation for everything I do.

The first time I understood this enjoyment of creativity I was making a matchbox cart to attach to a beetle. Designing, building, and attaching the cart to a beetle and seeing it work was thrilling. To this day I cannot remember if my beetle won the race, but I feel that enthusiasm any time I create. Countless opportunities to create have come my way: my family, my work, and my art.

London, Ontario is where I have made my home for the past 26 years. I was born in South Africa and then as a child immigrated to Saskatchewan. I have been able to meet so many wonderful people: growing up in the prairies, studying, working, living, travelling throughout Canada.

As a constant creative artist I have found many opportunities to practise creativity… in gardening, sewing, photography, my careers, decor and home renovation (alas…no creative cooking). This year the opportunity to retire and dive into life as an artist has arrived on my doorstep. I have taken drawing classes at the TAP Centre for Creativity and a pottery class with Cottage Pottery in London.

When you see me at the Stratford Art in the Park this summer I will have my ink and pencil drawings, and acrylic paintings. My style is untrained… a bit raw and under processed.

My studio is Solute Art Studio. My art helps me understand the life we all live; the ups and downs of the moments we all live through. A solute is one minor component that when combined with others provides us with a solution. Please find in my art one minor component that brings you comfort, strength, understanding, or peace.

Thank you