I grew up in a small town in Ontario. My mom was the head of the local Arts Council and, together with my dad, loved to discover local artists. I learned to appreciate many forms of art as they would speak intently about each piece found – its genesis, makeup and merit. My sister and I continued this tradition over decades, spending our holidays visiting shows, galleries and art tours. I never suspected that I would move from art lover to artist until I retired in Stratford, Ontario – and covid hit. I found peace during these trying times by spending hours honing my craft with online tutors – focusing on how best to actualize realism in water, woods and sky, eventually animals, as an acrylic and oil paint artist.

When I paint, I return to the sand dunes, forests and water habitats of my youth. I love old barns and the depth of a landscape – so many things to draw your eye with hues and colours that can sooth a soul. I prefer realism but some pieces or portions of my work dip into the abstract. I paint for personal peace which I hope carries over to the viewer.