Sol Desharnais is known for his innovation by bringing new meaning to raw, natural and or upcycled materials. From his hometown of St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, Sol creates unique and useful products by the clever improbable association of materials. His current collections under his brand SOL Designs, include wooden sided handbags in upcycled vinyl flooring and recycled rubber tires as well as a colourful collection of accessories in eco-felt (wood and corn based). His design eco-felt and seat belt wine tote has recently been displayed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the “Bon Appétit!” exhibition.

Sol is also proud to create employment for adults living with different abilities in partnership with Epic Smile of St-Malo. Sol’s work can be seen in major artisan shows and fine boutiques across Canada.

Sol is also a contemporary artist. His body of works and installations have been shown in solo and group shows in Winnipeg and in France. He often makes use of natural and/or reclaimed materials in his work where the circle is a reoccurring theme. He is also currently experimenting with land art by creating a variety of projects in nature.