Art has imagination. Imagination has life. Life has energy. Energy has colour.

Colours have emotions. Emotions are what make us human.

In 1999 when I had my fist solo art show I quickly jotted down these words. Though I have evolved greatly in my 23 years as an artist, my essence remains steadfast.

As a female artist my art is foremost about emotion. I must create marks and form balance, infuse motion with emotion until all become a painted story. Am I an Alchemist — transforming paint, mark-making into tangible feelings of the human spirit? Emotions are personal and at the same time, universal. Art can have the power to inspire, restore balance. Art can nurture and nourish deep connections within a person. Art can also bring people together.

During the pandemic I kept thinking: “I want to put some happy into the world.” I focused solely on my series called the Happy Girls.

To create these artworks I paint an abstract of nature on Mylar. Then I spend time looking at shapes, lines or movement in the abstract. I cut out shapes I find pleasing. Sometimes I cut randomly letting my subconscious do the seeing. From many pieces, I construct a figure. As I see it developing I imagine a story. This helps me complete the artwork. I feel each Happy Girl has a personality and I write a story or poem to accompany her. The happy Girls send out joy, curiosity, kindness, innocence, friendship. Mostly, they send out love.