Assemblage Art has a history steeped in the found art, multi media and collage art movement. Many artists over the last 60 years have experimented with various forms of these multi use art forms. Marcel Duchamp was the first to coin “ready made” or found art. Other artists, particularly the pop artists, experimented with elements of assemblage in their work while others adopted assemblage as their main body of work.

We work together as assemblage artists in a home based studio in Stratford,Ontario. We primarily work with vintage, retro and recycled metal materials to create our art pieces which focus on but is not exclusively Robot Sculptures. The three “R”’s in our name refers to our mantra of reduce, recycle, reuse in the belief even small efforts using recycled materials benefits both the environment and the planet. We take great pride in creating unique, colourful and fun creations that are truly one of a kind.
Our work is sold extensively throughout North America and world wide.