I was born in Canada and live here as a proud Canadian. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to other countries and cultures which, in turn, inspired my interest in photography. This developed over the years into my passion. A visual taste to capture shape, texture and an abstract sense of mystery in where my eyes, through my camera lens, were drawn. Turning these photographs into finished art evolved into several categories/forms: Abstract, Landscape, Floral, Black and White, and Still Life.

When choosing what material to present my art with, I found what is most used – canvas and photo papers – lost the distinct energy and spark in a subject that attracted me to take a picture originally. I have been able to find and use a dynamic new method that excites me, and I hope you. My photographs are now presented by printing on vinyl that is overlaid and adheres to a specially coated aluminum plate. The coating protects the vinyl from natural aluminum corrosion. The end result is a work of art that does not fade with sun exposure, is light in weight, is easy to hang and be moved, and is very damage resistant. I have for three months hung two of my finished pictures in the outdoors on my deck. There is absolutely no sign of weathering or fading which allows for display indoors or outdoors.

Thank you for visiting my view of our world.